Owen Geronimo
At a talk series organized by Owen Geronimo, founder of the San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance (SFFAMA), a small crowd of San Franciscan fashion enthusiasts gathered to discuss various topics relating to fashion and technology. In attendance were designers, students, bloggers (ehm), retailers, graphic designers, etc. 

Speaking at the event were Jill Fraser and Milan Lazich, a Cali-posh duo that founded the line of luxury, leather-alternative handbags, Jill Milan.

Ms. Fraser is a vegan and therefore you will never find a Jill Milan bag made of leather. The handbags are 100% Italian-made with price tags ranging from $400-$2500. The pieces are beautiful and have been spotted in the arms of many celebrities. From Blake Lively to Jane Fonda. 

From left to right: Jill Frazer, Karri Ann Frerichs, Milan Fraser

Karri Ann Frerichs was also on the panel. Founder of Altitude Promotions and StyleElevation.Com, Ms. Frerichs brought a sales perspective to the discussion. When asked what she thought was a number one key factor in marketing, she responded with good photography "and that includes having a model that embodies your look."

Rocko Luciano, the very dapper Creative Director of The Brush Guard was also in the crowd and wanted to learn tactics on breaking into new niches and ways in which to keep the good press coming. 

The lovely Sasha Maksutenko was present, as well. An entrepreneur and lover of all things vintage (just no art deco, please), Ms. Maksutenko sells vintage jewelry online.  

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